Deer mark their territory by scraping and WILL NOT LEAVE THAT AREA!!!  Deer are very cautious animal. Whitetail deer are the most nervous and shy or our deer. Their eye sight, hearing, and scence of smell are very good. Bucks (the male deer) bed by lying on their right side and facing downwind, which allows them to use their eyes, ears and nose to detect danger approaching from any direction. Deer will often utter a loud, snorting or blowing sound and stomp its hooves to warn other deer.

The deer will quickly run away while raising the tail upwards like a flag. With the tail up showing the white underneath shows visual alarm to other deer’s. Except for the mating season, bucks and does remain apart. Bucks generally live alone or in small groups. Does travel alone or with their fawns. When a deer is startled, it leaps from its bed and dashes off.  The deer only runs as far as the nearest cover, then stops and watches to see if it is being followed.